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What do I get if I join?

The VW Corrado Club of Great Britain (CCGB) is a member of 'The Association of British Volkswagen Clubs'. The CCGB has a fully dedicated Chairman & Committee and for an annual membership fee of £15 (UK Pounds) offers you the following benefits:

Discounted Insurance, discounted parts, reduced servicing costs, club merchandise, regional / club / family events. The club has a keen selection of members across the UK, organising regular meets, etc.

Along with a membership card you will also receive a bi-annual club magazine called 'The Sprinter'. This Sprinter magazine (which takes it's name from the origins of the word Corrado) is a colour supplement containing information about previous and forthcoming club events, articles written by members, varied technical tips, and advertisements for parts wanted or for sale.

The club offers a 'Tech Know' service where Corrado experts and other Tech Know team members will endeavour to answer your questions for you.


Do I have to own a Corrado?

No you don't!

One of the original premises of the club was that members didn't have to own a Corrado to join. This not only enables prospective owners the ability to obtain advice about what to look out for when buying a Corrado etc, it also allows anyone with an interest or passion in the car to become a member whatever their circumstances.


Committee positions


Chairman - Britt Haggerty - Chairman@corradoclubgb.co.uk

To oversee and guide the general running of the Club.
Chairs committee meetings, the Annual General Meeting, and any Extraordinary General Meetings.
Ensures the Committee are carrying out Club duties.
Holds casting vote.
Review Club accounts at least at each committee meeting.
To oversee the conduct of club members and committee officers.
Be the ‘official’ point of contact for the Corrado Club in it’s dealings with external organisations such as other motoring Clubs, the news media, and Volkswagen.
Final arbitration / escalation point for any issues being dealt with by the Club which cannot be resolved otherwise.


Secretary - Chris Stevens - Secretary@corradoclubgb.co.uk

To manage general correspondence to the Club
Regarding Committee Meetings / Annual General Meetings / Extraordinary General Meetings
Generate calling notices at least one month before meeting date.
Book meeting venue.
Issue agenda and minutes from previous meetings as required.
Take minutes at all committee meetings, and circulate them to affected parties within one month of the meeting date occurring.


Treasurer - Sarah Gamage - Accounts@corradoclubgb.co.uk

Ensure that the financial transactions and the Club’s accounts are managed in accordance with best practise.
Answer all correspondence which specifically relates to the Club’s finances or money handling process.
Ensure that receipts are paid into the Club’s bank account within a reasonable time.
Ensure that invoices are paid within the terms set out by the invoice.
Ensure that valid expense claims submitted are settled within 28 days from the date of receipt.
Prepare appropriate accounts summaries for presentation at Committee meetings and Club General Meetings.
Estimate a high level budget for the Club to be presented at the Annual General Meetings.
Ensure that everyone involved in financial transactions on behalf of the Club is aware of the appropriate procedures for receipt / invoicing.
Maintain an asset register for the Club.
Inform and liase with the Chairman of any specific financial issues which require attention.

Membership Secretary - Ian Saxton - Membership@corradoclubgb.co.uk

Maintain the Club membership database.
Ensure new membership requests are processed within 28 days of receipt.
Ensure membership renewals are processed within 28 days of receipt.
Ensure new memberships packs are available to be used at shows that the club attends.
Manage correspondence specifically relating to membership queries / issues.


Merchandising Manager - Ron White - Merchandise@corradoclubgb.co.uk

To manage the Club’s merchandising, including defining the merchandising lines, as well as the sourcing, sale and distribution of those offerings.
To define the types of merchandising it will be most appropriate to offer.
To work closely with the Club treasurer to ensure that all financial aspects of the Merchandising are understood and approved, and to help maintain the asset register where appropriate.
Manage correspondence which specifically relates to Merchandising queries / issues.

Technical Advice Manager - Yan Holland - techknow@corradoclubgb.co.uk

To manage technical queries / correspondence received by the Club from it’s members in a timely fashion.
Produce technical articles for the Club Magazine.


Events Manager - Eric Coolen - events@corradoclubgb.co.uk

To be primary contact point for all issues regarding events the Club is involved in (whether those are internal club events or externally organised shows). Even in cases where another member within the Club is dealing with an event, they should ensure that the events manager is at least aware of what is going on as he mat be able to help.
To work with the Committee and regional hosts to help facilitate events, offering advice / assistance / promotion when the need arises.
To set up and maintain an events calendar, and ensure the Club Magazine, website and Committee receives updates.
To be the Events Manager for the Corrado Club National Day.
To work with the Regional Hosts & Club event organisers and provide guidance / assistance on any matters relating to Events.
Ensure that the Club’s Regional Hosts / Events organisers have suitable ‘event’ material available to them when they are required, for example Gazebos, supplies of application forms, flyers etc.

Club Magazine Editor - Jim Taylor - Sprinter@corradoclubgb.co.uk

To manage the production of the Club Magazine (Sprinter).
To manager any correspondence specifically relating to the production of the Magazine.

Webmaster - Neil Caunt - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

To create, manage and maintain the Club website in the best interests of the Club.
To manage any correspondence specifically relating to the website.


General Committee Members
To assist the Committee with decision making on behalf of the Club.
To assist other Committee Members with their duties and with progressing decisions made.


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