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The Corrado was brought onto the market as the 'up market' relative of the Scirocco, and both cars were manufactured side by side over a four year period.

The Corrado was designed and built by Karmann Coachworks, located in Onsabruck, Germany, around the floor plan of a Mk2 Golf. The sleek design and quality of build aimed to satisfy the demand for 2+2 coupes and produced true sports coupe.


A total of 97,521 Corrados were manufactured, of which approx. 9000 were imported into the UK.


One of the most unusual features of the Corrado is its rear spoiler:


Spoilers up, spoilers down, spoilers up...

The Car was launched to the world in 1988 although the first cars did not appear on UK garage forecourts until late 1989 in the form of the 1.8-16 valve. It was however the European and Canadian markets who were the first to be supplied with the new VW, the US didn't get their opportunity until the following year. A new model was introduced in 1991, the G60 , with a supercharged 1.8ltr 8 valve engine and the availability of a 4 speed automatic gearbox.

In 1992 a number of transformations took place, early in the year the seven slat grill was replaced with a four slat version and the 1.8-16v was replaced by the 2.0-16v. The front wings were widened slightly, the bonnet grew a "bulge" in the middle & the bumper design was altered.

In October 1992 the VR6 arrived with a 2.9ltr V6 engine which VW claimed could reach 0-60 in 6.4 seconds. This model was brought in as a replacement to the G60 which was gradually phased out during the year.

1993 saw the redesigning of the interior with added gauges, new switches, updated central locking and a new stereo system.

In the US 1994 marked the final year for the corrado whilst in the UK the lesser 2ltr 8 valve model was introduced.

The end of the Corrado in Europe followed in 1995 and was marked with the production run of 500 limited edition vehicles called the 'Storm', with VR6 engines, leather interior, six spoke alloys, and 'Storm' badges.

This version of the Corrado was manufactured exclusively for the UK / European market.

1995 R.I.P.


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